Shan State Agriculture

Shan State: A future agricultural powerhouse

Shan State is the largest of Myanmar’s states and regions by area, comprising 23 percent of the country’s landmass, with a population of almost 6 million people.

Its major industries include agriculture and agro-based processing, trading and logistics, minerals and mining, and hotels and tourism. In the agriculture sector, rice is the major product, followed by maize, beans and pulses, oil crops, wheat, tea and rubber. Shan-grown maize, fruits and garlic are all being exported to Asian countries and Shan coffee and tea to the US and Europe.

Tea exports are increasing and there is significant potential to sell both tea and coffee overseas, particularly to the European market. Oil seeds and rubber are also grown extensively and sold as primary crops, but could be transformed into value added industries.

Logistics are less of a concern in Shan State than elsewhere because its long shared border with China and Thailand make it the country’s largest gateway for overland trade.

Source: Shan State Investment Opportunity Survey Report 2017

The Shan State Investment Opportunity Survey Report was conducted by the Directorate of Investment and Company Administration with support from the Japan International Cooperation Agency and implemented by Myanmar Marketing Research & Development.

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