Developing of Industrial Park and leasing out land plot at Maubin by Maubin United Development Co., Ltd, a joint venture with Shanghai Yangon Investment & Development Co. Ltd (China – 55%), Maubin Development Public Co., Ltd. (Local – 30%) and Southern Metal Industry Co., Ltd (15%).

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  • Industrial Zone Area        249.48 acres
  • Residential Zone Area    33.93 acres
  • Job Opportunities        65,000 to 77,000



  1. Garment x 42
  2. Food & Beverages x 3
  3. Residence x 3
  4. Arts & Culture x 1
  5. Electricity & Power x 1

       Total: 50


Current Operations

With the advance permission of Ayeyarwady region Government, Date April 10, 2017, fencing of Industrial Zone is 100% completed and infrastructures (road, gutter, bridges, electricity and others) are 30% completed.

Photos: Roads & Gutter

  • Reconnaissance survey has already been done.
  • Report on the impact on environment and conservation measure is submitted.
  • Industrial Zone management committee and supervision committee have been formed.
  • Summary of utility (water and electricity) need and consumption, sewage disposal road – building is presented.


Opportunities for the Investors

  • The term of the lease is initial 50 years and two times extension of ten years with the approval of MIC.
  • The agreement comes to life on the day of signing.
  • $8.65 million worth of machinery, construction and electrical equipment will be imported.
  • Annual revenue from the rent of plot (90) of land
  • Industrial Land – 180.786 Acre and Commercial Land 7.259 acre


No. Project Name Location

Construction, Operation and Leasing of Maubin Industrial Park

Industrial Park location at Nyaung Wine Village – Plot no.883, Holding No.113/10 (133.17 acre) and Pantaput Village – Plot No.884, Holding No, 157/2, (116.31 acre) – a total of 249.48 acres.


Project Timeline

  • Duration of the Project        Initial 50 years (Extension – 10 years x 2 times)
  • Construction Period            3 years


Estimated Project Value

Current Investment        USD 27.16 million

Type of Land

Area (Acre)

Leasing Income per Acre / USD

Industrial Land



Commercial Land








Company Developer:  Mr. Wu Songbo, Maubin Development Public Co., Ltd

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