Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 Investment

Invest Myanmar Summit 2019 Investment Workshops – Passion and Opportunity

One of the key features of the 2019 Myanmar Investment Summit is the direct participation of States and Regions.  The Summit will showcase at least eight states and regions who will be actively engaging with investors to attract investments into their region. One of our advisory team members, Thiri Thant Mon of Sandanila Investments, conducted the first of a series of workshops on how to attract investment in mid-November.

“We had a very engaged discussion and conversation among the participants, which included local governments, regional MIC and DICA representatives and private sector business professionals from the states and regions,” said Thiri Thant Mon. “What energised me most is the passion everyone has about their region and the country and also the realism of what it takes to attract investment.”

Myanmar was under a centrally-planned economy for many decades.  The country is still in a transition process from this to a market economy and challenges are to be expected.  These workshops provided the opportunity for participants to understand the motivations of investors, the fact that the country needs to compete for investment and that being business-friendly and investor-friendly means recognising and solving problems faced by businesses.

“I came out of the workshop feeling incredibly positive.  There is so much opportunity across the entire country in all sectors. With the Project Bank at the national level, priority projects at the state and regional level and private businesses showcasing investable projects, I am looking forward to seeing all the investment opportunities that will be presented.”

Join us at the inaugural Invest Myanmar Summit in January 2019.

nvest Myanmar Summit 2019 investment
nvest Myanmar Summit 2019 investment
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